Jeanne’s beauty routine

or how to be ready in 5 minutes

Highlight your eyes and fresh up your skin in 5 minutes? Countdown has begun: discover Jeanne’s quick everyday makeup, here on her sister Louise. All you need is an eyelash curler, a Rouje mascara, lip palette and matte liquid lipstick.

The eyes

For Bambi eyes, Jeanne Damas starts with Le Eyelash Curler. Press firmly at the base of the eyelashes, before applying mascara.

Le Mascara gives your lashes a natural volume while protecting them with its castor oil formula and calendula extract.

Jeanne likes to apply it lightly on the external corner, to widen the eye while staying natural.

A hint of blush

Our palettes « les 4 Rouje » can be used on the lips, the eyelids and the cheekbones. Here, Jeanne mixes with a brush the two bottom shades of the Signature palette to highlight the cheekbones. With a light stroke on the tip of the nose, the blush gives a fresh “no makeup” look.

Jeanne applies also a bit of the “nude” shade of the palette on the eyelids for a touch of color.

The final touch

With a touch of Rouje Velours, our matte lip cream, your smile will light up your face even more. Here, the Louise shade, a bright red orange, gives a fresh finish, perfect for spring.

Jeanne likes to apply it with the finger for a “bitten lip” blurry effect.

Louise is wearing the Louisa dress