The restaurant is closed for now, but follow @chezjeanne.rouje on Instagram to be informed of the reopening.

Bienvenue Chez Jeanne

Daughter of a brasserie owner, Jeanne Damas follows her father’s footsteps by opening “Chez Jeanne”, her restaurant adjoining the Rouje store.

Expect: friendliness, generosity, good food and good wine.

The seasonal menu is conceived by the talented chef Alexandre Arnal with the creative input of Jeanne Damas.

No good cooking can be made without good products:

Chez Jeanne, everything is fresh and homemade with carefully selected products.

Eggs are organic, vegetables and fruits are always seasonal, meats and fishes are from France...

 Bread and cheeses come from local bakers and cheesemongers.

Whenever possible, we select local, organic products produced sustainably.


For lunch,

To enjoy today's special or a lasagna roll:

pickled eggplant, arugula pesto, basil, tomato sauce and walnuts.

In the afternoon,

To hang with friends (or work) with some hot chocolate

and a piece of cake.

For the "aperio" or the dinner, 

To share small plates and some natural wine. And every Thursday it's piano night - perfect to sip cocktails and enjoy a cheese and charcuterie board.

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